Our Story

Sonoe was founded in 2016 in Tel Aviv, Israel by the local designers Gil Elias and Neta Chay. Gil and Neta are Practical Architects and a couple since college. After several years practicing architecture at major local firms, they opened their own studio - Sonoe - where they're experimenting with different architectural materials and techniques, in order to design and create unique Metal Wall Art. The result is diverse Metal Wall Art with deep roots in Architectural thought.

"Our inspiration and creative process stems from Architectural Landscape, as well as new and unconventional patterns and textures coming from nature, human nervous systems, industrial objects and so on. Through abstraction and simplicity, integrating the Solid and Void parts of the complete material, to create clean and fine lines. Aesthetic prestige for a metal wall art decor is our mission, as we believe that our surrounding environment should soak relaxation and aesthetics for an organic and authentic mind and thoughts.With advanced and professional laser cutting metal machines we manage to transform industrial materiel into a soft, clean and minimalist wall art sculpture.

We see our studio as a platform to share our art, inspiration and passion to make a harmonious and elegant decor. "